Pre-License Compliance Reviews

Pre-License Visits 

Now, more than ever, your facility needs to be fully ready in order to obtain your license. 


Even though you may have the best possible General Contractor building your facility and maybe even the best Master Grower in the world... Are you sure your facility is ready for a license?


Our guess is that local government has not given you much guidance along the way. We’re also sure there have been many discussions around the construction of your site where not everyone was on the same page and everyone had their own opinion about what’s “compliant”.


There’s an excellent chance that your already compliant! However, are you sure that license inspectors will think the same thing? We can help…just give us a call.

Pre-License Site Visits

We will attend the site, sometime between 75% and 85% completion, to review the security system installation, GMP/EuGMP and GPP compliance of the site to ensure that everything is ready for your license. This step includes a review of the security system installation, the programming of all systems, the compliance of the facility build-out and the readiness of the site to receive the license.