Evidence Gathering Packages (Attestation)


Evidence Gathering

Health Canada is not messing around anymore! Due to a recent announcement made by Health Canada indicating that you must now have a fully build-out facility, compliant application documents AND a rock solid attestation BEFORE you can apply for a license…the attestation becomes the single most important service that we offer.


We'll visit your site, perform a hosted video tour of your site, review all necessary documents and aid you in creating the best possible attestation package to be sent to Health Canada for their review.


Yes application documents are important, yes you need to build-out an awesome facility…but if you don’t show Health Canada what you're really made of (video hosted attestations are the key!), they won’t issue you a license. This is where we really shine!

Completed various application documents for over


Worldwide Applications

(To date)

Of the current licensed producers in the world, we have helped over


Obtain Their Production License

(With More Pending)

We have filmed, hosted, edited and produced more than


Video Hosted Evidence Packages and

Promotional Videos

(With More Pending)



Site Visits for Regulatory Compliance, Real Estate Inspections, or Investor Tours

What Happens At an Attestation

Attestations can be time consuming, stressful, scary, upsetting and down right dirty! Now think about that a little longer…and throw it out of your mind. Now pick up the phone and call us. When we’re on-site performing your video hosted attestation, there’s no stress, it’s not that time consuming, not scary in the slightest and only a little dirty (we seem to get paint on our shirts sometimes for some reason). Why? Because we’ve done it before and know how to handle any situation. Here’s a breakdown of a 2 day attestation; Day 1 is a site tour to ensure compliance. We discuss what we see and help you to create a punch-list of items that should be rectified before we start filming. Day 1 is usually reserved for outdoor filming of your site also (weather pending). Day 2 is a full day shoot of the interior and potentially some of the exterior of your facility. By this time you’ve rectified all the items on the punch list and now all you need to do is sit back and watch the magic happen. Then we handle the rest until you have a fully ready package to send to Health Canada. We told you it wasn’t scary…